An Animated Description of Mr. MAPS

He felt lost, but he felt pretty intensely good.

And he woke up screaming, having dreamed of a color he had never seen before

He often wondered what a million people would look like scattered randomly across a moonless sky, and how unlikely it would be that they would all just say the obvious thing:
"You may call me brother now."
"Yes, brother, I know."

At last, it started in the middle.

Beginning as it all begins
It forsook the source of things
And that which flowed over
That which stayed
And made the choice to form a standing wave
It leaned out against the in
Unfolding in a place call its own
And it gently draped six senses over
This house of cards that it built
And opened ground the roots of touch
And let them in

Incredible sensations

It was the insatiable feeling
Of a feeling of insatiable desire
And all that it could do was hold tight
To that that it was not
It told itself it needed names
And in so doing it became

This is the birth
That everyone is always talking about
The one assumed but not remembered

But death does not forget
The end will remind it to cure it of itself

Smells Like Content

He is forty two
Five-feet, eight-inches tall
Normally wears his curly hair long
He has a ruddy complexion, broad shoulders, & is barrel-chested
Is unusually strong
He frequently wears a full beard, & sometimes glasses
He is a college graduate
A talented artist & sculptor
Now, MAPS is a soft-spoken loner
Who resents society and all organizations
MAPS fancies himself a ladies' man
He is an avid chess player
Smokes cigarettes, and a pipe
He is a beer drinker and loves to eat
MAPS is a man of widespread interests
Who might very well be living abroad

Take. Time.
(coming soon)
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